Who Are We?

BLUEPRINT is one of the fashion tradeshow that feature Pre-Spring and Summer collections from the leading potential designer brand around the world. Originally, its goal is to showcase the talents and potentials of Singaporean and Asia designers, back in 2004. However, over the years, it have slowly advanced into a stage where it promotes and help potential talents to a global platform which will enrich their experience and hone their designing skills.


During 2013, BLUEPRINT both organised fashion tradeshow and its consumer sales events where it have set a new milestone. For both events, the attendance have hit a whole new record of having more than 12,000 visitors attending the events. During the fashion trade events, there are 180 leading designers that showcase their Pre-Spring collections to around 400 buyers. The buyers are spread across the world, where there are buyers from international stores, departmental stores, multi-international brand stores and even online stores. One of the most popular shopping place in Asia will be the BLUEPRINT Emporium where we in total, we have more than 200 participating brands across the world which include menswear, accessory, jewellery and also womenswear. However, most of the brands are the exhibitors of the Tradeshow events and most items are not available for sales to the public in Singapore. Its main objective is to sell its limited edition items and other sales products for different seasons.

The fashion runway that will be held in BLUEPRINT – Asia’s Fashion Gateway is organized as a common effort by International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, Singapore Tourism Board (STB), SPRING Singapore and other private sector. It is held annually to help the fashion industry to grow a strong pool of talents that consists of local designers. It will encourage the demand for local establshed fashion brands and international fashion brands and also promote Singapore as a gateway to Asian fashion markets and designers.


Singapore Aircon Servicing Contractor Corporate Uniform Designed By Local Fashion Designer

In the upcoming fashion tradeshow and modern interior design and electrical fair exhibition. One of our top corporate fashion designer will be showcasing its portfolio of the corporate uniform that she has designed for a local Singapore Aircon Company. According to the designer, she have spent around 20 hours brainstorming and designing the corporate uniform. “It was a unique experience as I have never designed a corporate uniform for an aircon servicing Singapore company before. I have to take many factors into consideration such as what are their common essential tools that they carry around, their servicing sites and many more. With all these factors taken into consideration, I would then be able to customise a corporate uniform that is specially customised for their air-conditioning service needs. For this design, I specifically chosen dark colors for it so as to prevent obvious dirt staining the uniform. This is because, most of their time, they will be servicing and chemical washing different types of air-conditioner for residential and even industrial clients. This will cause their uniform prone to dirt which is why I chosen dark color for their uniform. The uniform at the same time is also well-designed in order to leave a professional impression for their customers.”

corporate uniform

Aircon Contractor is one of the leading air-conditioning contractor company in Singapore. They specialise in various services such as servicing, chemical washing, install and repair. Their highly customized corporate uniform designed by local fashion designer is not only practical but most importantly, it is well-designed where it portrays the professionalism in the air-conditioning industry. It is the only one and unique corporate uniform you can find in the air-conditioning industry which makes them stand out among their competitors.

Here’s their feedback and praises for their corporate uniform: “We did not regret letting Sheena to design our corporate uniform. Her design have met beyond our expectations in terms of the practical usage and designs. It portray us as a professionalism in our industry and we have gotten praises about our corporate uniform from our customers. This have increase the morale level of our workers which have helped to increase our company work efficiency.  We hope that in the future, we will still have chance to work with Sheena. We will also like to thanks BLUEPRINT for the opportunity for setting up an exhibition and platform to allow Singapore companies like us to have a chance to interact with corporate uniform fashion designers. This is a unique experience and definitely benefited our company.”

So you guys may be thinking what you guys can expect from this fashion tradeshow and modern interior and electrical fair exhibition. In this exhibition and fair, you all can expect similar fashion tradeshow as compared to last year where there will be many local designers showcasing their designs. What is different for this year is that, we have an modern interior fair which will exhibit different furniture that are designed by local designers. Also, for the electrical fair, we will be introducing local designers on their electrical products and appliances such as hair dryers and other cookware. There is also household appliances such as TV and air-conditioners that are modern and stylish such as the LG ARTCOOL models. We are sure fashionable locals will be attracted by both fashion tradeshow and the interior design and electrical fair exhibition since we believe fashion is not just in our apparels but can also be applied in our house.

We are sure that locals that are attracted to our fashion tradeshow will definitely be attracted to well-designed and stylish furniture or household appliances. A house is not complete without stylish and elegant appliances such as furniture and air-conditioners. Thus, the combination of both tradeshow and fair exhibition will be able to attract more visitors into our events.

corporate design

Local companies will not be left out this time because as mentioned above, there will be a platform for corporate fashion such as the corporate uniform and more. Are you guys already attracted by the corporate uniform that is designed for the Singapore air-conditioner contractor? Do look forward to our fashion tradeshow and modern interior and electrical fair exhibition!

Still Remember Blueprint 2015? Catch the video from NOWFASHION

Do you guys still remember last year Blueprint fashion tradeshow in 2015? I am sure many of you guys have went down to our fashion tradeshow and have a blast during the fashion tradeshow.

Below is a short video by NOWFASHION which interviewed many of our event partners such as TaFf, Blueprint project director and our participating brands such as Waste2Wear. I am sure most of you are already excited for the next fashion tradeshow event! But first, let’s enjoy the video.

New Experience, New Things in 2016: Fashion Tradeshow & Modern Interior Design & Electrical Fair Exhibition in Singapore!

fashion tradeshow & interior design & electrical fair exhibition

Being in the leading fashion tradeshow for the past few years in Singapore, BLUEPRINT will like to try something new in 2016 which is a combination of our Asia’s fashion tradeshow and modern interior design & Electrical fair exhibition in Singapore. You may be curious that why these two events are being held together.

This is because we have found that Singaporeans are actually family-oriented where whatever things they do are related to their house or families. Hence, we hope that by combining both events together. We are able to attract more locals to visit the fashion tradeshow as well as our interior design and electrical fair. Locals are actually not very fashion-conscious due to several reasons such as the inconvenience and the extreme hot weather. Hence, not many locals may not be aware of the fashion tradeshow, even if they do, they may not come as they feel that they are not likely to wear these fashionable clothing in Singapore.

In the interior design and electrical fair, it will feature a wide range of well-designed furniture, interior accessories by famous interior designers who will showcase some of their portfolios. It will also exhibits consumers electrical household appliances such as air-conditioners, heaters, fans, cookware and more. We aims to attract a large amount of locals and potential trade buyers to both of our tradeshow and fair.

Other than that, do you guys know that there is also a fashion tradeshow for corporate companies for this year? During past few years, we have been working with many big corporate companies such as our sponsors and partnerships. Many of them actually asked us if there are any corporate uniform fashion designers.

Many big companies actually have their own work uniform as there are many positive impressions from it. For example, it will establish a good impression about the company, exhibits company’s professionalism and projecting professional corporate image to the consumers. Thus, this is why many companies have their own corporate uniform.

However, in Singapore corporate industry, we can see that the designs of the corporate uniform are almost the same, except having different colors. There are actually a lack of designs, uniqueness and professionalism for corporate uniforms.

Singapore fashion designers actually sees a rise in demand in corporate uniform fashion designs since there are many corporate companies are looking to establish a professional corporate image by having their own designed corporate uniform. By having unique and customized designed corporate uniform, it will also attract consumers and allow them to identify and recognize which trades and company they are which will help in leaving positive impression of the company and improve sales.

Therefore, we actually partners with many local fashion designers that does corporate uniform fashion designs and they will be invited to the fashion tradeshow that will be held this year. With the combination of the interior design and electrical fair, we are sure that many big corporate companies will look forward in the new corporate uniform fashion design that will be exhibiting in our tradeshow. There are roughly 15 corporate fashion designers exhibiting in our tradeshow. These designers are actually handpicked by one of our event’s moderators and all of them have their own portfolio for the corporate fashion designs which will definitely surprise everyone. They have done corporate uniform designs for several big local companies in many different industry such as catering, interior design, furniture movers, tech companies, banks, aircon companies, voluntary companies and many more.

Please look forward to our tradeshow and our modern interior design and electrical fair exhibition. It will be one of the largest tradeshow and consumers fair in Singapore. Stay tuned to more details of the events.

BLUEPRINT – Asia’s Fashion Gateway in Singapore

BLUEPRINT Fashion Tradeshow

Some of you may wonder what’s the objective and purpose of BLUEPRINT in Singapore. BLUEPRINT is actually a B2B fashion tradeshow that aims to attract international and also the region professionals in the fashion industry. It is also one of the first to gather the top Asian designers and international and region buyers together. This will encourage interested fashion buyers to meet talented fashion designers this is where fashion business will take place and continue to rise. Other than that, BLUEPRINT is a joint effort organised by Mercury Marketing and Communications which is also supported by Textile and Fashion Federation known as TaFf.

There are approximately more than 1100 buyers, guests and 60 exhibitors coming from all over the region and western countries such as United States and Europe participated in the tradeshow event. Most are attracted by the showcase in the evening which consists of fashion showcasing of formal wear, womenswear, limited edition collections, mid to high-end fashion jewellery as well as accessories. These are just a small part of the fashion showcase, and there are even more in the actual event! Do look forward to the upcoming fashion tradeshow.

Another attractive and engaging event that will be open to the public is the BLUEPRINT Emporium. Some of you may have heard this event or even attend it in the previous years. This is a rare event organised by BLUEPRINT that is open to the public which will give interested fashion consumers to try on the famous fashion brands that are not available in the Singapore market. Furthermore, this will benefits the exhibitors where their brands are able to gain exposure in the Singapore Fashion market. BLUEPRINT Emporium is expected to attract more than 3500 visitors for the event.

The main goal of a fashion trade show in Singapore and other fashion events is actually serve as a platform to develop and grow the local fashion talents pool and increase the exposure of the local fashion industry. Through the BLUEPRINT fashion tradeshow platform, talented and leading fashion designers from Singapore and across the Asia’s region are able to gather and meet in one common location to showcase their latest designed fashion collections. This will also act as a common ground for them to exchange their creative fashion ideas and even explore further and come out with interesting fashion designs that are able to meet the demands of the international market in the fashion industry. Furthermore, BLUEPRINT tradeshow not only cater for the Asia’s region but mix it up with leading fashion designers together with international fashion brands. As the years goes by, BLUEPRINT will continue to develop and attract top buyers in the global fashion markets and interested business partners. We believe that in the near future, Singapore Fashion Trade platform will be developed to match the standard of the international fashion industry.

Other than the BLUEPRINT Tradeshow events, there are actually many other fashion events available locally. One of it is the Asia Fashion Summit where it gather all the professionals in the fashion industry across the Asia’s region. The main objective of the fashion event, Asia Fashion Summit is to bring all the fashion industry professionals to a common platform to exchange each individual fashion ideas and to discuss on the possible fashion trends and strategies in order to maintain the development of the fashion industry in the Asian markets. This fashion summit event is organised by TaFf and will be inviting more than 180 professionals in the fashion industry such as creative directors, brand owners, senior managers and more.


Blueprint 2015: Campaign Thematics


BLUEPRINT 2015 is an active 360-degree experiential platform, supporting designers beyond the context of a commercial gathering, providing them with the tools for future success. The theme for this year is “Electric Fantasies” which embodies the union of imagination and business.

Supporting the theme, we chose to portray BLUEPRINT 2015 as the conduit that conveys the buzz of a vibrant tradeshow, charged with the thrill of new connections being formed between designers and buyers. The models in the visual represent four of the seven curated sections at BLUEPRINT 2015; avant-garde, sport lux, modern minimalist and streetwear. Each section is distinct, planned together in a relevant and significant way, and together greater than each individually.

The interaction between the light bulbs and the model, by which only the bulbs touched by the models are lit, symbolizes our aspiration for emerging and independent designers: their energy, vitality and verve. Of the moment, they spark interest and curiosity, excitement and inspiration with every new contact. A showcase for the bold and innovative, BLUEPRINT 2015 is the stage for them to turn potential into success.


Clothes By:

Front Row

Asia's Fashion Gateway

Why Should You Be Excited For BLUEPRINT Tradeshow?

blueprint fashion showcase

There’s many reasons to be excited for the annual Blueprint Tradeshow event that will be held in Singapore. With the fashion fever hits Singapore, everyone should dress up nicely and stylish. Furthermore, with the partnership between BLUEPRINT and Singapore Fashion Week, we will absolutely awe you guys with marvellous series of fashionable and unique brand for the choosing.

BLUEPRINT have been in the fashion field for more than 6th years, and is the only classic fashion trade gateway event that is held in Asia. It brings many reputable and famous fashion labels in the Asian region and also internationally. Similar to the past years BLUEPRINT event, there will be 2 separate events going on, one will be the tradeshow where fashion brands across different regions and all over the world gathered and share their own designed products and clothing. Next will be the BLUEPRINT Emporium where it would be open to the public on a free admission basis where they will be able to shop freely on all the fashion products.

In order to showcase the best and awesome fashion designs, we selectively only select brands that passes our strict requirements and we end up with a selection of around 200 menswear, accessory and womenswear brands. Together with the well-built relationship with well-branded fashion labels and industry support, BLUEPRINT Singapore have become a fashion showcase that are free to everyone to enjoy.

So you may wonder what exciting is in this year BLUEPRINT. You can anticipate the appearances by famous and independent designers from Singapore. You may already notice some of them such as Carrie K., Joanne L, Marilyn Tan and more which they will be showcasing their uniquely designed collections and some are even limited edition collections that will surprise you. For modern clothing and accessories, you can look out from ONE.61, Q Menswear. With all these exciting and local home grown designers, you can expect them to be the limelight for the BLUEPRINT Tradeshow this year.

If the above does not excite you, don’t worry. We have something new for you guys in this year tradeshow. We have bring in a series of fashion designers across different countries such Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore and many more! You may even recognise some of the brands such as LINE 32 from Malaysia and Playback Concept from Hong Kong. There are many more famous brands, do look forward to it!

What you just know is only the tip of the iceberg, there are still many more fashion labels that are unique and exciting that you surprise you and for you to explore during the Tradeshow.